About Royal Inter Pack North Amercia

Royal Interpack North America was created from years of experience in manufacturing innovative food packaging solutions. We offer a broad range of packaging solutions including rigid PET containers, top seal punnets, and clamshells for produce, fresh cut, bakery, herbs, grab n go and deli segments.

At Royal Interpack North America we pride ourselves on delivering the best packaging solutions to our customers. Our high customer satisfaction, stringent quality standards and 24/7 service speaks for itself.

We value forward thinking and continuous product development to ensure that our customers get the best in quality, innovation, and customized packaging products and services. 

As a result, Royal Interpack North America has become a major player in the evolution of fresh food packaging, delivering more convenient solutions for all of our customers and their markets. 


By turning used PET bottles into new RPET/PET containers, clamshells, trays and thermoformed products, recycling conserves Virgin resources and reduces landfill waste.

Through a state-of-art recycling facility, the latest extrusion technologies and “SUPER CLEANING PROCESS” approved by the FDA, RPNA is fully invested and committed to making an impact in preserving resources and reducing our carbon footprint. 

Design & Innovation

Working closely with local toolmakers and our in-house design team using the latest 3D printing software enabling us to develop innovative packaging solutions with fast turnarounds. The team can design in different formats and turn drawings into a 3D prototype within 48 hours. 

"The difference in our approach delivers results"

Visanu Chawla, Managing Director, Royal Interpack